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New Account.

2009-01-25 02:07:39 by BloodStrike15

This will be my official account from now on. I had to do this to:

1) get an actual name I want to go by..scratching the 123..
2) only put my best work under that name
3) A site that might sponsor my music, requested that I pick an actual name, so from that I decided to do that. Any review to "cobalt" please review the one on Same song and everything. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have maybe 3 songs coming soon..One is a NG mix of a song from a game, a song I made myself..and another NG mix. So make sure to review my songs you haven't!



I have two more songs that are expected to be submitted in the next week, so if anybody are fans, make sure to watch out for them and rate and review! Plus review any of my other songs and rate them if you haven't! Thanks!


2008-11-14 19:09:17 by BloodStrike15

Whats up everybody?? As you probably know I make music. Currently I am making a CD type format and have 3 tracks plus an intro, and I might have a 4th track(+-TechnoDance+- might be added)

Well my point is that I am currently looking for any artists that make techno/trance/acid that would like to work with me into making this "CD" possible. If anybody is interested PM me and we can chat about it.

As for anybody else that is just reading this (which I doubt) check out my music and review! It would be very appreciated. Cya everybody!