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2008-11-14 19:09:17 by BloodStrike15

Whats up everybody?? As you probably know I make music. Currently I am making a CD type format and have 3 tracks plus an intro, and I might have a 4th track(+-TechnoDance+- might be added)

Well my point is that I am currently looking for any artists that make techno/trance/acid that would like to work with me into making this "CD" possible. If anybody is interested PM me and we can chat about it.

As for anybody else that is just reading this (which I doubt) check out my music and review! It would be very appreciated. Cya everybody!


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2008-11-17 20:27:48

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP ;-). I read it, hope to hear some more. (listening to your new one in vent right now). HA