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For all of you that even listen to my music..

2008-12-07 03:32:21 by BloodStrike15

I have two more songs that are expected to be submitted in the next week, so if anybody are fans, make sure to watch out for them and rate and review! Plus review any of my other songs and rate them if you haven't! Thanks!


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2009-01-09 00:35:09

Hey, I've been trying to get through all of them as you know I really like your musik. In the meantime I've been up to some really nasty buisness. Hee Hee. Check out my latest and greatest and you'll understand what I mean about nasty. Make sure your volume is down at first or you might just have a heart attack. LOL

Oh, and you'll know which ones I've listened to because I always leave reviews. ;P


2009-01-09 00:37:15

Wow, that was some pretty shameless self promotion wasn't it. HEHEHE. Feel free to abuse my page too.... yes I am retarded. what gave it away?